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What is a Shared Income Agreement?

A Shared Income Agreement is a contractual agreement whereby students defer tuition payments until they secure an income. Repayments only start when your gross income reaches a certain minimum threshold. Shared Income Agreements offer flexibility so that studying is accessible and affordable More information
  1. Focus on your education

    Instead of paying your tuition fee upfront or getting traditional financing, you will pay a fixed percentage of your gross income for a period of time once you are working

  2. Flexibility

    You only repay when your gross income is at or above the minimum threshold. Your monthly repayments will be based on your income: you only repay what you can afford

  3. Maximum amount to repay

    The total repayment is always capped and you will never pay more than the cap amount

  4. Potential future income

    We evaluate your application based on your potential to succeed, not only on your current financial situation

Monthly payments simulator

Always pay a FIXED monthly percentage of your gross income (this tool is for illustrative purposes only and may not be a exact representation of the product)

* Minimun Income Threshold

If I earn

/ Gross Monthly or / Gross Yearly

I will pay

Income Share


  1. Course fees: £6,700 (£500 deposit paid by student upfront)

  2. Income share: 12%

  3. Starting salary: £26,000 (a 10% income increase per year in year 3 is assumed)

  4. Maximum number of payments: 29 (according to the income estimation)

  5. Total Amount Repayable: £7,940

  6. Amount of each repayment: installments 1 to 24: £260. Installments 25 to 28: £286 . Installment 29: £56

  7. Duration of the agreement: 38 months (including study, grace, job hunting and repayment periods)

  8. Interest rate: 10.21% p.a. fixed

  9. Representative APR: 10.21%

Tailored to your situation

Doubts? Contact us!
  1. Fully online application

  2. No guarantor or collateral required

  3. Funds are sent directly to the school

  4. Focus on your studies

  5. Flexible repayment

  6. Start repaying only if your income is on or above the threshold


Frequently Asked Questions

A Shared Income Agreement is a contractual agreement through which your tuition fee is deferred. In exchange, you agree to share a fixed percentage of your income.

  1. Apply and get accepted to one of our partner schools.
  2. Apply for your Shared Income Agreement online in minutes.
  3. Accept your Shared Income Agreement offer and sign the contract.
  4. Go to school and focus on your education.
  5. Find your dream job and launch your career.
  6. Pay a fixed % of your gross income once you earn at least the minimum income threshold.
  7. Enjoy a brighter future!
  • Shared Income Agreement Amount:The amount of the loan which corresponds to the amount of your tuition.
  • % Income Share: The percentage of monthly income you will pay back.
  • Required Payments: The number of monthly payments required to fulfil your Shared Income Agreement obligation (also called payment term).
  • Final Payment Date: A Shared Income Agreement in good standing ends either when the cap is reached, the maximum number of repayments are paid or when the final repayment date is reached, even if – based on your monthly earned income – you have been required to pay less than the SIA amount or nothing at all.
  • Minimum Income Threshold: The income that you must be making in order to make payments. If you are making below that, then payments are paused.
  • Payment Cap: The maximum amount you can be obligated to share; expressed as a multiple of the Shared Income Agreement amount.

You don’t have to pay anything during the period your gross income is below the minimum income threshold. For example, suppose the minimum income threshold for your Shared Income Agreement is £2,000 gross per month (equivalent to £24,000 gross per year). If your gross income falls below £2,000 gross per month, your payments will pause during those months. Your payments will resume when your gross income is at or above the minimum threshold established in your Shared Income Agreement contract.

Shared Income Agreement repayments adjust according to your gross income so that you always pay what you can afford. In addition, the minimum income threshold ensures you will not pay until you make an income that is equal to or above that level.